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Hi I'm Nico and I'm a Director of Photography and Photographer. Since I've been small I've wanted to pursue a dream, isn't that what children do, dream? Well I can honestly say my dream has come true. The film industry has taken over my life.
It has become my passion, my job and my creative outlet.
I was born in a small village in Germany in 1995, but my family moved to Cape Town when I was very young. Being exposed to such natural beauty on a daily basis, I always had a need to capture my surroundings and this paved my path to what I do now.
Wanting to step up my game I moved back to Europe and now reside in Berlin, which has become my new playground. 176 312 75653
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Nicola Rehbein Logo
Nicola Rehbein Logo
NICOLA with a cheap camera
NICOLA with his mullet
NICOLA with his favourite camera
NICOLA doing what he does best
NICOLA doing stuff on a ladder