Nicola Rehbein


German born, South African bred photographer currently based in Frankfurt.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been interested in photography. Being able to capture a moment, a feeling with just a single push of a button has always blown my mind. I tend to live a simplistic life and find beauty in everyday scenarios that most people tend to oversee or don’t even bother to take a second look at.





To Create We Must Destroy
Wyndham Grand Hotel, Frankfurt/Germany

All Cups Are Beautiful + Various Works
NÉNÉ kommt | Vernissage & Launch, Cologne/Germany


Negative Graffiti
Luminale 2014 , Frankfurt/Germany


Portfolio Exhibition
Kunstgarten in Heidenrod-Zorn, Heidenrod/Germany



NÉNÉ Magazine (DEU) (NSFW)
Primal Magazine (GBR)
Frame Magazine (USA)
Aftermaths Magazine (MEX)
Froth Magazine
Blue Lit Magazine (ITA)
Her Beauty Mag
B-Authentique (FRA/ARG)
BlueLit Magazine (ITA)

Featured in:

Kaltblut Magazine (DEU)
Sticks And Stones (USA)
Jute Magazine (USA)
Nakid Magazine (1,2,3) (USA)
Elegant Magazine (USA)
You Are Fire Magazine
Tinsel Tokyo Magazine (USA)
We Are Awesome (ZA)
Metafore Magazine
Splendor Magazine (DEU)
Toksick Magazine (USA)
Scheme Magazine
NÉNÉ Magazine (DEU)
Scorpio Jin (USA)
B-Authentique Magazine (FRA/ARG)
Blic (SRB)
Tanjug (SRB)
Grunge and Art Magazine (12, 3) (DEU)
Sorry Not Sorry Magazine (DEU)